Jewlery on the Internet: A roundup of sources

Today, yet again, I was struck by how much fantastic jewelry there is on the internet these days. When I first started reading blogs, there seemed to be lots of knitting, textiles, letterpress and other printing methods, even a fair amount of ceramics, but very little in the way of jewelry. Now I come across something incredibly exciting almost every day.

Because I’m fascinated by process, I spend a fair amount of time reading the blogs of individual artists (see sidebar). But today I just want to share (and say thanks to) all the blogs that bring me the inspiring images of jewelry from around the web, and around the world. Whenever I have a moment of thinking about letting jewelry making go, seeing the wonderful things that others have created and are creating is just the prod I need to get me going again. Check these out:

For some current personal favorites, check out fodder or flickr for inspiring things of all kinds.
By the way, does anyone have a favorite method of translating things on the web? These are not all English language blogs and I’d like to be able to reasonably translate their content and leave comments that are not in English. I know many people on the web are multilingual and I’d like to be able to make an effort at responding in kind. I’ve tried using Google to translate whole pages, but the results have been poor. The percentage of words translated was very low. Perhaps I am not using it properly? Perhaps web translation does not work well for topics like jewelry with a specialized vocabulary? Any pointers would be appreciated….

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  1. Hi! Thanks fro posting my blog, it’s always a pleasure to know that people read and visit my blog. To traslate website i don’t know, i just try to understand more or less…i thing the best is google but with my blog you are going to have problems because it’s write in “catalan” not spanish, and the translator don’t find the words.
    Have a nice weekend!!

  2. Thanks Marta! I love your blog and constantly find inspiring things. I suppose I should just get over being embarassed that I only know english (and a little french) and just comment and say hello anyway. I’m glad to know that part of my problem was asking google to translate something in catalan as if it was spanish.
    In the end, the visual language of jewelry is universal and I’m so happy we have the web to share exciting things! Thanks for stopping by!



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