The Future of Science…is Art?!

Calder mobile/SEED Magazine Cover

I’m still working on a reading resolution list for 2008 (and, let’s be honest, trying to figure out how to fund my book buying resolution! More on that soon….) But it is fairly clear that I want to subscribe to a few magazines for starters. I’ve realized that while the internet fulfills a lot of my small scale recreational desires, I just never buckle down and actually read the longer articles that I come across, just bookmark them in great quantities. I want to get back to more dedicated reading time which is not spent in front of the computer. So here‘s one which I’ve been reading through the feeds which hooked me enough to buy the latest issue:

Seed Magazine Cover

(click on the image for my favorite article)

I think a subscription is in order.

And really, this could be KS 8T.009, Thing Nine in the Eight Things about me series. Because not only am I a big science dork, I’m the kind of dork that gets really excited about someone else thinking that maybe science and art are related too….

The other magazine on the potential subscription list is this. This article was my first exposure to it and it really deserves it’s own post. Highly recommended for anyone interested in handmade things.

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