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new book Calder Jewelry

I was incredibly excited when I came across this article in Tmagazine about a new book on Alexander Calder’s jewelry. It would be just too wonderful if I could travel to see the accompanying show in Philadelphia or New York, but the existence of the book alone makes me giddy. Sometimes the universe seems to throw just the right thing in my path to keep me going. (Yes, of course I still want the out-of-print one. Coveting as a spur to creativity….)

Just now came across this dialogue from about art and mental illness. I found it to be extremely resonant with my own tendency to see “wrangling” my brain as a significant part of my creative struggle. If you tend to believe in the “divine madness” model of artistic genius, prepare to have your ideas about it challenged.

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  1. Ooooh – both fabulous links. I had no idea Calder created jewelry (and amazing pieces at that). And the discussion on mental illness and its debunking of the “insane artistic genius” myth is interesting. Thanks for leading me to both.


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