Eight Things: Thing Eight

KS 8T.008

I love colored shoes.

pile of colored shoes, Dansko, Keen

For many years, I wore mainly boots. Good solid boots that would last a long time, that I was willing to spend some money on. Boots that I wore pretty much every day until they died. And then I found myself back in an on-your-feet-all-day job. I was over thirty, and proper floor mats or not, work left me with aching feet and sore shins, dog-tired at the end of the day. So shoes with better support became a must. And, luckily, the miracle of online shopping had arrived….

Lo and behold, there are so many shoes out there! Cute comfortable shoes…shoes in fun colors…shoes with a nice blunt toe…so many shoes that I could love. And shoes online have names! I don’t know why, but that amuses me so.

So now, I am addicted to fun colored shoes….a new pair every six months if I can afford it. And by “afford it”, I mean, find it easy to justify, because, well, I’m on my feet for nine hours a day at work. So the practical and the indulgent aspects of my personality are in complete agreement on this one.

So that’s the last of my “eight things” as tagged by tracy at simplyolive. And in my usual fashion, I maybe didn’t play exactly by the rules, splitting it up into eight different posts and all, but I’m glad that I did it. It was nice to have a sort of writing exercise to loosen up, and try to talk about aspects of my life/personality that are not so directly related to the ongoing creative endeavors. Though, in the end, I kinda realized that those other things do relate, if only in a sideways, tangential, out of the corner of my eye kind of way.

If I’m understanding my stats page correctly, talking about a wider range of things has also attracted the attention of the google-bots more, especially the entries about knitting and cutting my own hair. The knitting doesn’t really surprise me, since I was sort of sucked into blogs by knitting, but the self haircut?! That seems a bit odd….

In keeping with not quite following the rules: Instead of tagging anyone else (I’m pretty sure all my known readers have already been tagged), how about if I invite any readers who haven’t commented before to introduce yourself, whether you want to volunteer to pick up the tag or not. Anyone…? Anyone…?

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  1. thanks for completing the mission! ha

    (i thought in the early 90’s that all i’d ever wear for the rest of my life would be doc marten boots! although i don’t currently own a pair, i still like the look of a clunky boot…and who knows, maybe 1 day they will make an appearance in my wardrobe again!)


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