What now?

workspace before the re-set

There are so many possibilities when one reaches the end of the rope. One might let inertia take over, letting oneself be flung off, letting go. One might hang on, feeling the crack of the whip, suffering dislocations, pain, injury. Or perhaps one might look for a little slack, a bit of ease in the tension, perhaps changing direction without letting go.

I don’t want to let go of creating things altogether. I don’t want this to be the bad end of something. I want this to be the beginning of something better. So what to do?

Look for some slack.

Firstly, there are some things which impact my ability to create which are not in my control i.e., work schedules and household finances. I cannot cut back on my hours at the job right now. So, at least for the moment, I need to stop thinking of the problem as being mainly one of time. I’m just not going to squeeze any more time out of my week. But what can I do? I can:

  • nurture my creativity
  • work on my stress/energy levels
  • think about schedules/time in a new, different way
  • organize space and materials to organize thoughts (see above for the “before”)
  • seek out new perspectives/resources/help

So that’s the current plan. And heaven knows, I likes me a good plan, Stan….

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  1. That’s quite a lovely “before” photo – the light you get in your workspace is amazing.
    I admire how thoughtfully you’re approaching your dilemma. I’ve recently been dealing with similar issues (at least in terms of managing time and household finances) and found that taking a whole new approach to the way I scheduled my day has been helpful. Instead of trying to work on jewelry at night when I’m tired from my day job and want to unwind, I’m using early morning hours before the sun comes up as my creative time, and I’m finding that I’m a lot more productive then. I’m also loving the quiet that this time of day provides me.
    I hope that you find a groove that suits you, too. Keep filling us in – I really enjoy hearing your thought process.

  2. yes yes… a very good plan! it’s something every artist goes through, i think. we get used to dealing with the ups and downs – – my, how i love the up part in that cycle, makes the down all worth it.

    pretty studio!

  3. Thanks for the support, ladies!

  4. you could also add ‘wait’ to your list. for me, usually a good wait is all it takes.

  5. So true!! To be honest, I think that waiting is one of the hardest things to do, especially since it often means accepting that it’s not all in my control. Waiting for creative inspiration to come, waiting for a better work schedule, more time, more money, those are the tricky ones for me to accept gracefully.


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