Distraction vs. Attraction

While I fumble my way back to creative productivity I’ve been trying to be more active in controlling the various stimulus that I let into my brain. It is so easy, when one feels overworked by a rent-paying job, to just indulge in the passive recreation of T.V. and Internet. But I’m cutting back, refining my choices, being more discerning, concentrating on long walks, cooking and reading. I’m also trying to use my camera more and think about composition and design more deliberately. As part of this, I’m trying to be more conscious about what attracts my eye that isn’t jewelry. So here’s some new flickr favorites, (a little jewelry still snuck in).

flickr favorites

1. One last look, 2. Vintage Matchbox, 3. One on one, 4. mushrooms, 5. Hoya coronaria – LaurentSXB’s picture –, 6. Let me in, 7. Kadriorg housing, 8. out my window, 9. Lorne (5), 10. joyas – juana de arco, 11. dying poplar, 12. cielo 2, 13. Tooth, 14. Bones, 15. INVITACION EXPOARTESANIAS 2005, 16. In neat formation, falling one by one., 17. Up The, 18. DSCN0078, 19. Whimsical Coral Garden – Progress, 20. Spiculum Hammered Earrings, 21. repousse tools.JPG, 22. Crafting 365 – Day 2, 23. Souvenirs of a morning walk., 24. Tomato pincushions, 25. Pond Pebbles

So what are the attractors here?

  • clouds
  • natural objects
  • natural materials
  • dark brooding colors with bursts of bright color
  • a certain shade of blue-grey
  • lots of strong contrasts
  • functional metal objects

Hmmm……I think I’m in an autumn state of mind….

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  1. …i’ll have to try your method. it is really easy to stare off into the tv or computer screen!! (which i do quite often!)
    i started reading a book about 2 weeks ago–i really miss reading–and am enjoying the quiet time. (Kitchen Confidential, by Anthony Bourdain–i highly recommend, he has a wicked sense of humor!!)

  2. oops,
    forgot to sigh that with a “t”

  3. To be honest, I mostly managed to cut down on t.v. by not starting any new fall shows when my summer favorites were over for the season. Whatever works! I have read Kitchen Confidential and enjoyed it quite a bit. Right now I’m slowly working on Dickens’ Pickwick Papers, quite slyly humorous itself!


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