Eight Things: Thing Five

KS 8T.005

I have a love/hate relationship to Rob Brezney’s Free Will Astrology. I am an entirely rational person, so I don’t believe in astrology. But if fiction is worth reading to glean interesting questions about life and so forth (as well as for pleasure of course), why not some well-written astrology? Some weeks, as with most astrology, it doesn’t seem like Rob is “talking to me.” Other weeks, he seems to be saying exactly what I need to hear. And then there’s the week of August 22nd when he had this to say:

In the coming weeks I’d love you to learn more about how to heal your own pain and wash your own brain and right your own wrongs and sing your own songs. I’ll be overjoyed if I see you grow in your ability to unbreak your own heart and unfreeze your own assets and unleash your own surprises and understand your own motives. This is, by the way, not a prescription for loneliness, but rather for self-sufficiency. In fact the magic that has been missing from your collaborations with others will probably appear as soon as you resolve to be your own guru.

And my reaction to that? “I’m tired of being self-sufficient! I don’t want to do it all by myself ! I want help! That’s why I’m reading YOU, Rob!!”

So, yeah. Sometimes it’s eerie how much he has my number. Thanks, Rob. I’ll stop whining now….

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