Eight Things: Thing Four

KS 8T.004

I cut my own hair.

So on a good hair day, I am inordinately proud. On a bad hair day, I wear a hat.

Which is this? A good hair day, I think. I have probably had less than a dozen professional haircuts in my entire life. My hair was always long when I was younger, but has been very short for the last three years. I am loving the new clippers we got for 12 bucks. The clippers, good lighting, a large mirror in the bathroom, and an extending, swiveling, wall mounted IKEA mirror help. Overall, I think every cut is better than the last.

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  1. love your frames…they go w/ your “home-made” (as i like to call them) haircut.
    (i had been cutting my own hair too for the last 6 years…until giuseppe…) 🙂


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