More Blaschka

Here are the scans of the Blaschka glass invertebrates and botanicals that I promised. The first four are from a magazine called frieze, issue unknown, and the last five are from an issue of Martha Stewart Living, also date unknown. (Resolution: institute system of properly labeling items torn from magazines so that proper attribution can be given.) Click on thumbnails for larger views.

Blaschka image frieze 01

Blaschka image frieze 02

Blaschka image frieze 03

Blaschka image frieze 04

Blaschka image MSL 05

Blaschka image MSL 06

Blaschka image MSL 07

Blaschka image MSL 08

Blaschka image MSL 09






Note: I was recently tagged by tracy of simplyolive to reveal 8 Things About Myself. As a longtime Overthinker, my immediate reaction was one of rejection. This blog isn’t about ME, it’s about my WORK! Silly me!! So, yes…intimidated! But I am not one to shy away from a challenge. I mean to be working on my writing here, and all creation benefits from some outside limitations or guidelines every once and a while. So I will give it a go. 8 Facts which tell something about me. It may take a while and come in dribs and drabs, but I accept the challenge!

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