An ever expanding universe

Being without my camera for six weeks made me ponder what I’m doing in having a blog. Because I just have a hard time posting without a pretty picture to go with it, you know? A by-product of being a visual artist, I suppose. And every entry has to be a nice, well-composed piece of writing too, don’t you think? But then, here I am with all these self-imposed expectations of well-presented thoughts and images, and yet…not so much time to work on it. In addition to not enough time to make work. Do we see some themes here?


However, it seems clear to me that

  1. More Time will not be materializing in my schedule any time soon. And
  2. The chances of me letting go of my own notions of perfection anytime soon are slim. And
  3. Having a high expectations of how I want to present my work and my writing is not a bad thing in the end. But
  4. I don’t want to let this blog languish. But
  5. I need to LOOSEN UP! So what to do?


I’m sure I’m not the only one with a tendency to try to solve problems by taking on another project. It’s a paradox, isn’t it? But really, I think this will work. BECAUSE:

  • A tumblelog is simple in structure and intention. A scrapbook rather than a journal.
  • The idea is to share things without commentary. No chance to get overly wordy!
  • I’m thinking of looking at this as an opportunity to share what goes INTO my brain, rather than what comes OUT of it. A much simpler prospect indeed. I will still write about inspiration here, but it will be more a matter of sharing something that has gelled a bit and started to come out in my work.

So here it is: fodder: food for the brain.

Thanks to Jenny for the idea, by starting her tumblelog. Go look!

(I love how bullet points and numbered lists give the illusion of a well-thought out line of reasoning, don’t you? 😀 )

(Hey, look, I posted without a picture!)

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  1. wonderful kait, i’m so happy you found some inspiration from me, thank you for the mention.


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