It’s alive!!!!


A few things that have been in the works. Click on the links below for the full sized images.
1. colored-s-hook, 2. colored-hook, 3. colored-loop,

4. colored-hook-and-eye, 5. figure-8 link, 6. colored-pendant,

7. colored jump ring, 8. chip beads, 9. chip beads

It feels so good to have the camera back! The repair was covered under the warranty, so the money that I’d budgeted can go to something else instead. Hurray for warranties! Thanks Nikon! Thanks National Camera Exchange!

I’m additionally happy because I brought my older non-digital SLR camera with me when I went to pick up the repaired camera. I’ve been trying to pare down and be more realistic about what I really have time for. The digital camera really does what I need it to do, and I’ve let go of the idea that I will ever take up print photography. So I traded it in for store credit! I was too tired (post-work) to pick out something right away, but I’m really excited about it! I could’ve gotten a little less money and just had them send me a check, but I really want to improve my photography and having a little money to put into it should help. A camera case? An extra battery? An extra memory card? Some lights? A light box or some other apparatus? Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks to Susan for the recent kind mention. Her blog is one that I visit regularly for a constant dose of visual loveliness. I’m not sure anymore where I first came across her work, but the Original Intent series really caught my eye. Both her photos and the earrings they inspire always have a simple elegance and wonderful sense of color. Her work has me thinking about the way that jewelry can be a souvenir which evokes a specific place or moment in time….

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  1. lovely! i love all the findings and i love the little chip stacks!

    yay for your good fortune with your camera!

  2. WOW! you work is fantastic!
    i saw your comment on uniform studio, and just happened to click on your name…so glad i did!

  3. Thank you both!


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