The world in a cell

cell pendant, originally uploaded by UNIFORM Studio.

One of the core ideas that motivates me to make jewelry is that childhood memory of finding a small object: a button, or a toy piece, or a bit of the natural world; that is so amazing and fascinating that you want to keep it with you always, so you put it on a string around your neck.

This cell necklace by Martha hangs around my neck, and a whole world of things grow and connect in my head:

cell is to leaf as link is to chain

The quiet meditation of a favorite painter who shares my birth date: the afternoon spent discovering him at museum more than ten years ago: the idea and the thing being one

fingerprints: white clay :: brush strokes: white paint

letting go of worrying about Art vs. Craft: dedicating oneself to quiet thoughtfulness

An artist, both filmmaker and sculptor whose work touches on both the artistic and the natural creative act

luminous white-ness as pure sculptural material: the raw stuff of which things are made

Philosophical discussions from my years in college: tumbling down the mental rabbit hole of trying to get past the object to the primordial stuff of which it is made

A new favorite book:

It is not possible to separate art from non-art; there are only things of various sorts, functions, forms, and meanings….

As soon as there is form, there is message. It is impossible to dress in such a way as to convey no meaning. Every fabric, color, and cut has socially and perhaps even biologically determined meaning….

There are no art things. The aim of something has always been communication. There are only communicative things.

Thinking with Things, Esther Pasztory

Too many words! Things can speak for themselves. Go see the beautiful, delicate, new things that Martha is working on….

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  1. Lovely post. I like your thoughts on childhood treasures.


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