Please stand by…

I have a blog entry in the works…really, I do! But this no camera thing has made by blog mojo rusty (not that it was ever super shiny to begin with, mind you). I still want to somehow blog at least once a week until the camera returns to health, and I should hear about a prognosis this week (fingers crossed!) But the post I’m working on is about something lovely that someone else made, and I just really want to give it the attention it deserves. I can be wordy, verbose, meandering at times. And what I am trying to write about deserves well chosen words. So rather than give in the pressure to get it done today, I’m going to give myself the time to get it right. In the meantime, hear are more things that have caught my eye on Flickr. All jewelry again! I am finding more and more of it! Exciting! Oh, to win the lottery….

mosaic 62407

1. Bakelite Hoop Earrings, 2. Untitled, 3. Cycle Pinback Buttons, 4. Alpine Moss, 5. brass leaves earrings, 6. Floating Saucer Series Ring-, 7. #2- Bubble Series Earrings, 8. lacunae, 9. BRACELET “de la serie flores de colores”, 10. Flotsam Bracelet in Grey, 11. Brelok Earrings, 12. linked, 13. G I V E A W A Y | lalalovely!, 14. European 6-in-1 bracelet, 15. Brass necklace – messinkinen cordell-ketju, 16. Sanctuary – detail 3, 17. Sanctuary, 18. Stress – detail, 19. set of enamel summer pendants, 20. neo, 21. nonoxmain, 22. Flower on a vine Earrings, 23. Red got hot, 24. STRATOSPHERE, 25. Untitled, 26. page 03, 27. Sea & Sand, 28. DSC01085, 29. Iron rings (2007, IT), 30. Ring 27.4 – Anello 27.4 (IT 2007), 31. Ring 17 – Anello 17 (IT, 2006), 32. Ring 20.3 – Anello 20.3 (IT, 2006), 33. pendant, 34. Dashed – Lariat Necklace, 35. curl, 36. green necklace

Click on the links above to see the full images, as well as more images by each artist.

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