Needin’ a jump start

I am in a bit of a slump. This camera thing has really crushed my blog motivation. Even when I look out my windows at the lovely view, I think, “if only I had my camera….” And then there’s some general motivation malaise. The “what the heck am I doing with myself” kind. But right before the camera tragedy? Things were actually rockin’ right along. Ideas that had been gestating for years were coming into the light of reality. New things were actually working pretty well on the first attempt. I was excited! And, in attempt to jolt that excitement back into my soul, here are some of the last photos taken before that fateful day….

glass clasps

Click on the thumb nails below for close-ups.

glass rings glass S-hook glass loop

glass toggle glass hook

Now I just need to get myself out of the air-conditioning and over to the studio despite the heat. Five days of 90 degree weather in June? Is this still June? Is this still Minnesota? Must try to remember those days in the studio without heat in January…..

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