Getting by with a little help….

My digital camera has a terrible aliment and has been sent away for treatment. Oh, how much we realize that we love things when they are gone, even if only temporarily. How does one blog without a camera?! For today, I offer the fantastic work of some artists whose work I watch on Flickr. All my favorites would not fit, so click on the image to go to my favorites pages, or the links below to go directly to the original images and more of each artists work. Check them out, they’re fantastic!

mosaic 061007

Mosaic made with the help of bighugelabs

1. After-the-Rain, 2. et32534, 3. Sweet Horse Chestnut Hoops…, 4. Ginkgo leaf earrings.., 5. {touched by rococo}, 6. Something to keep myself busy, 7. Red glliters necklace geads, 8. Earrings, 9. Vintage Flower Pin, 10. Knitwit Rings, 11. Tupperware Bangles, 12. spinning matryoshka neckpiece mechanism.JPG, 13. psychedelic matryoshka neckpiece.JPG, 14. chain.JPG, 15. Link Bracelet, 16. Krystaline – Necklace – 2, 17. Brelok Necklace, 18. Deploy BLACK – Earrings, 19. ORGANIC 4, 20. ANELL 3, 21. SET 9, 22. Firewalking, 23. DSC_0370, 24. more donuts, 25. DSC_0538, 26. et32504, 27. Afterthoughts, 28. Name these earrings?, 29. Coral Necklace, 30. Bracelet ‘ de la serie Flores de Colores”, 31. Bracelet “Flowing series”, 32. “threads” spiral Ring, 33. Cúmplices, 34. Colar Vermelho-Red Necklace, 35. Exposição Herman Junger, Pinacoteca de Munique, 36. Yesterdays

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