first sketch

The first sketch in my Rag and Bone sketchbook. A loose sheet of paper can be crumpled up if it proves unsatisfactory, but a handbound book asks for a bit more commitment and confidence. I often use sketching as a way of simply reminding myself of something I’ve seen or an idea I’ve had; a sort of crude mental place holder, nothing pretty. I’ve always felt like I should be sketching more, like I should be thinking through the ideas more thoroughly before trying them in metal or glass. For me, sketching represents a certain discipline that I often think I lack. There is something compelling about sketching, the quiet meditation of the process, the deliberate refinement of an idea, the visual quality of the finished drawing.

My last bout of serious sketching was quite a few years ago, when I first started a full-time goldsmithing job and couldn’t get to my studio very often. I would check lots and lots of books of historical jewelry out of the library. I really wanted to buy the books so I could look at them whenever I wanted. But money was tight, so sketching the pieces that interested me at a coffee shop after work was an acceptable substitute. It occurs to me, just now, that perhaps I could have purchased the books if I hadn’t spent all that money on coffee…. Hmmm…would I give back all those hours of sketching in exchange for the books themselves? Probably not.

chain sketch 5-1-07

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  1. j

     /  June 4, 2007

    oooh, here you go with the incredible chains again! 😀 grin. that sketchbook looks so beautiful…love the raw adges…


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