Jewelers wearing jewelry

Rumor has it that there are jewelers who don’t actually wear jewelry themselves. What??!! This has never made sense to me. For me, good jewelry is jewelry that I want to wear. It’s something intriguing that I want to carry around with me, to feel the weight of, to run my fingers over, and show to other people. I often wear my own jewelry, as a sort of “test run,” when I am developing ideas, but I have really eclectic tastes when it comes to other people’s work. Unfortunately, far too often, I don’t have the opportunity or means to acquire pieces made and designed by other artists. I can’t remember the last piece of someone else’s work that I purchased. But I want this to change.


And so, to inaugurate this resolution, (and because my birthday is coming up!) and because I could not resist: my latest jewelry acquisition: this lovely lariat necklace from Queenthings at Modishoppe. It’s from Second Chances the most recent story/collection by Jenny. I was torn between the pieces with the enameled numbers and a pair of dangling earrings with hammered brass links or hooks. But then I saw this lariat necklace and knew that this was it! I love the warm, dark colors, the movement of the lariat style, and the soft sound the beads and brass charms make. And the hook! I love the shape of that ivory hook! It feeds right into my current obsession with making jewelry in which the clasp is the focal point of the piece. I love jewelry that inspires me with more jewelry ideas! Thanks Jenny!

A few more detail shots at Flickr.

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  1. oh wow, wow!

    i see this on *you* – another designer that i admire, & i’m just delighted more than i can say. you wear it beautifully! i really enjoy seeing the different lengths that you hang it at too. makes me so happy that you treated yourself with something queenthings, 🙂

    and – happy birthday!

  2. it’s perfect:) Happy birthday Kait.

  3. I’m jeweler and i love wear jewels!!! Happy birthday!!

  4. Thank you, all!

  5. Um…(whispering) I don’t like wearing jewellery very much.

    I know, it’s almost sacrilege but it’s because jewellery, for me, is so weighted with meaning that I often find it too ‘heavy’. I do like wearing brooches but I find I can’t wear jewellery on my skin for long periods. It also gets in the way on the workbench.

  6. Anna,
    No need to whisper. Different perspectives are good, because they make me think. I only wanted to say that, for me, wearing is very much a part of the making. But now I am thinking about “not wearing,” the when and why and who. I would love to hear more about the ‘heavy’ with meaning that it has for you.

  1. On Not Wearing « tether

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