Chains from the past

handmade curb chain bracelet with box clasp, originally uploaded by kaitschott.

Maybe it started when Martha wrote about that itch to make everything from scratch. Or maybe it was just circling around in my head because the chain obsession has still been occupying me lately. Something made me remember this bracelet which I made when I was in technical school twelve years ago or so. I did a technical/vocational jewelry program, no artistic or design considerations at all, which did lead to a goldsmithing job which I stayed at for four and a half years. Some of the program was well suited to me, some was not. Many of my favorite projects were like this bracelet and clasp in that they were making something entirely “from scratch.” In my searching for this I also found a simple copper chain with a handmade toggle clasp which can also be seen at Flickr. Actually I found a whole stash of things which had gotten lost in the shuffle when the hotshop had to move about five years ago. Stuff I didn’t think I still had. Things to distract me when I should be cleaning and organizing for the Crawl. So more to come….

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