Handmade Means Well Made


The lovely edges
“Handmade means well made.” So says the packaging on these lovely blank journals from Rag and Bone Bindery. They have a monthly contest, awarding a gift certificate to a randomly selected commenter at their blog. I won!
The booksNot only are these well made in a functional sense, they are so gorgeous that I wish I could reach out through the Internet and hand one to you so you could see and feel for yourself. The bottom one is covered in actual cork which has flecks of gold in it and black silk on the spine. The middle one is the most incredibly dense vibrant red silk I have ever seen. And the top one is a lovely retro print with just a bit of woven texture. Having resolved to sketch more, the arrival of these is well-timed. Note to self: Do not be intimidated by their loveliness, they are for writing and sketching in! Go check them out for yourself. Many thanks to Jason and the Rag & Bone Staff!


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