In praise of the Free Pile

new box tops

The building I live in, (as opposed to the hot shop,) the Tilsner, is an artists co-op. That has it’s good sides and it’s bad sides. One benefit that I rarely take advantage of is the Free Pile. I generally already have enough stuff and don’t need to inherit more from my neighbors. So it was Fate when one day I was coming home with a good friend of mine who also lives in the building and she lingered by the pile while we waited for the elevator. And what was waiting there for me? Three cases of 100 3″ x 2″ boxes each!!! Is that an example of the universe looking out for me or what?! That’s like $80 worth of boxes! This stash should last me a while. A little time with Appleworks and some full sheet sticker paper for the printer, and the old logo on them was gone. Perhaps not the fanciest custom box, but more than serviceable. One more thing to cross off the list for Art Crawl.

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