A good days work

trapeze earrings, originally uploaded by kaitschott.

Borosilicate glass pieces for trapeze earrings showing the different colors on the concave and convex surfaces. Similar to the chip earrings, this batch of trapezes will give the wearer a choice in which color is more visible from the front view, giving them a “two-for-one.” For views of how one pair of these earrings looks from various views, showing the different colors, look here, here, and here. Speaking of chip earrings, here’s a few more:

more chips

And also:


boro links

links for a necklace. Not bad for a nine hour day. I was rather impressed with myself for sticking it out for that long. I had thought about packing it in after seven, but it was going so well. There were no distractions, the work was going smoothly, it was raining outside, and my partner was at work until late. So I stayed and got two more colors done. This leaves me feeling like I will be pretty well set for the Crawl. Must get to work on those postcards. (btw: Am I glad to finally get the colors to come across accurately for a change!)

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