Signs of Spring

its spring!

The heater is still not working at the hot shop, but it was warmer outside, so UP with the garage door! It really was warmer outside than in. A nice big latte, some Pakistani music on the radio, and fire up the torch.

First I pulled out some borosilicate color bars I’d made previously so they were the right thickness and cut off a few pieces from each. Those will get made into trapeze earrings and perhaps another link necklace.

cut bars

Definitely looks like candy all laid out in a row like this. Up ’til now, the Ribbon series has mostly been done in dark, dense almost autumnal colors. But for some reason, that white and the avocado green crept into this batch of bars and it really makes the whole set feel like spring. I love it! I think there will be more white in future batches.

more chips

Then I pulled off and pierced a bunch of chips for earrings. The colors aren’t quite true here, since they were cooling down in the crock pot. They are really the same colors as the bars above. Again a few different greens and that lovely white against blue at the right. Before the Crawl I’d like to finish the trapeze earrings and a link necklace, get a few open square or pinwheel necklaces done, and maybe a pin or two. And I’m still hoping to work on the new chain ideas enough to show some prototypes in order to get some feedback from people.

And then there’s the spring cleaning of the home studio….No rest for the wicked!

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  1. yum!
    Hasn’t the weather been wonderful? I am going to try to make it to the art crawl -maybe we can finally meet in person:)
    Please post a reminder in your blog -I always forget to look at your show schedule.


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