More Chain Obsession

chain-book_scan8, uploaded from Flickr.

from the recently acquired Antique Vest Chains, Guard Chains & Fob Chains: A Pictorial Reference Guide. There’s really not much more to this book than page after page of illustrations of antique chains. But what more would I want?! I love the way that the simple idea of a chain is executed so many different ways. The basic structure of a series of links connected to one another in a line is only the starting point. There are chains of simple links joined in complicated ways and chains of elaborate links joined in straightforward ways. There are chains which one has to stare at for a while to figure out how exactly they were put together. Even the basic chains are beautiful because of the style in which they are illustrated. A few more pages are up on Flickr.

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  1. yes -I like the etchings (I think that’s what they are?)

  2. Awesome illustrations. What a great buy that book was!


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