Just a little color

chip-earrings2, from my Flickr account.
These are the simplest of the earrings so far in my Ribbon series, for which I make the color bars shown here and here. Because they are not permanently fixed to the wires, the wearer can reverse the chips for a second color. These are shown with one of each side forward. I love the idea of the back side being just as attractive as the front, and it’s even better when something is completely reversible. The idea was to have a simple earring which took advantage of the two-sided coloration of the bars and which was little more than a spot of color hovering below the ear. I had also been thinking about primitive jewelry and a technique by which shell beads were/are made. Rather than trying to chip circles out of a shell, one can drill holes in square or irregularly shaped chips, then thread them on a rod and sand them all round by rubbing the rod back and forth along a flat abrasive surface. So these chips sort of represent an in-between stage of such a bead.
Please excuse the rough photo. I still need to get a permanent set-up with proper lights, rather than relying on random experiments with a sunny day and Photoshop!

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