The other side

color-bars2, originally uploaded by kaitschott.

These are the other sides of the same three bars of borosilicate as yesterday. Bars like this are the building blocks for the Ribbon Series, most of which can be seen here. Because the color bar or ribbon is built up around a clear glass core, unless I want a more transparent piece, I apply color on both sides. It takes no more time to do a different color on either side than the same color all the way around. So each bar can be a two-in-one. I like to shift the color slightly around the edge, so both colors are visible, but in different proportions on each side. I think that shift emphasizes the edges and thickness of the ribbon. In my head there’s a sort of tension between the ribbons as a two dimensional surface and as three-dimensional objects. Three dimensions as being built up out of the manipulation of two-dimensions. That tension is the leading edge of where this series has evolved from and where it’s leading me next. I’m thinking about some different types of earrings, as well as further developing the idea of glass links. Stay tuned!

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