I KNEW I liked her!


A story today in the New York Times quoted Miuccia Prada:

“People are losing the human dimension of fashion,” Prada said. (People are losing the human dimension of most everything.) “I don’t want to sound pretentious,” she added, “but they are forgetting the importance of adornment and clothing, which is profound. They forget that even when people don’t have anything, a way to express themselves is with their bodies and their clothing.”

Now, I will never be able to afford to buy her work, but I greatly admire it. She seems to have the ability to produce fashion and accessories which get at that basic human desire to express oneself, yet doesn’t let its artistry get in the way of wear-ability. There’s always a definite attention to detail and love of the materials being used.

prada 2

Ads from her Spring 2005 Accessories Collections. I adore these watches.

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