Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

soft glass beads I’m taking a week off my day job to get ready for my last two holiday shows at the end of this week. (Details are listed on the Show Schedule page.)

While I always half wish that I had the money to be using my vacation time to actually travel somewhere, I really do like taking a “studio vacation.” It’s always been a brief taste of what I had hoped would be the future, full-time self-employment. That tantalizing dream of “if only.” If only I didn’t have to do anything except go to the studio and make stuff. (And do all the work that goes into selling it. I’ve been at this long enough to know that you don’t really get to spend all your time creating.) Now that I’m working the day job MORE than I used to, it’s a look back to the good old days, when I worked an outside job only three days a week.

Usually I take a studio vacation when I have a deadline which I can’t make otherwise, like now, but sometimes when it’s just been too long since I had time off. If there’s a deadline, it imposes more structure on how I spend my week. But if not, I just play; research, re-charge, experiment with new ideas. Either way, I always love it.

After just one day, it already feels like I don’t have enough time, like I overestimated how much I can get done in a week, like I’m rusty. Above are the soft glass beads I cranked out yesterday to sell at the sale on Saturday. The holiday sale at Semi-Automatic Glass has always been the only place I sell loose beads, because I’ve always wanted to focus on finished jewelry. I’d hoped for a lot more, but getting set up and my materials prepped always takes more time than I think it will. So…it will be another exercise in scaling back expectations and rearranging priorities as the end of the week approaches. I had hoped to post everyday this week, another way of using this vacation to give myself a kick in the ass. But now I realize that will be yet another thing to fit in the preciously slim amount of time. We’ll see. Perhaps just pictures. Or I could practice being succinct and concise. That is SO hard for me….

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