Please open immediately

please open

As if I could wait….

I think any package in the mail is exciting, but boxes of new supplies even more so. There isn’t that element of surprise that gifts have; lots of times, one has to simply replace materials to make more of whatever is selling lately. But when resources are scarce and one still orders supplies for projects which so far exist only in the head (and perhaps on paper), it’s a leap into the unknown. New materials are a commitment to the idea, the potential, the evolution of one’s work. And while that can be a financial risk, it is always a creative investment. And so….

Box #1:

Box #1

Clockwise from upper right:

  1. A case of 4×6 ziplock bags: o.k. not so thrilling, but silver tarnishes when exposed to air, so bags means less polishing, also more organization. I love organization.
  2. Sterling Silver wire: for making earwires and so forth. I’m thinking about some new earrings for the spring, so now I can start on those as soon as the holidays die down.
  3. Swarovski beads: I’m working with a rep who sells some simple bead earrings for me. I’ve been doing this for about a year, and it’s helped my cash flow when I’m not doing shows.
  4. Sterling Silver earring posts: Again, more ideas for earrings. These have a smaller size pad than the ones I already have, so I’ll have more versatility with these.
  5. Sterling Silver jump rings and clasps: For more bracelets and necklaces like this. This series is less than a year old, and I’m still really excited about it.
  6. Bar pin findings: for a totally new project. More info as it develops.
  7. Scatter pin posts and clasps: also for the new project. I like the idea of a group of small pins scattered across a hat or sweater.
  8. Nylon coated wire for bracelets: I’ve been working on reducing my stash of vintage beads, making bracelets, so this will go into more of those.

And Box #2:
Box #2

Again, Clockwise from upper right:

  1. A magazine. I love magazines.
  2. Silver foil. A customer talked to me about some beads she’d seen (in Venice, I think) last spring. Now I can try to recreate them for her.
  3. Steel mandrels in two sizes. I’m going to crank out a bunch of soft glass beads for the studio sale next week, and so these will get used right away.
  4. Soft (soda-lime) glass rods in: lt. violet, periwinkle, black, dk. grey, dk. violet, dk. brown, purple, lt. brown, lt. grey and scarlett. I LOVE all the colors that soft glass is available in. Playing with color combinations is one of the main ways that I develop new beads, so I’m itching to get to the torch and mess around with these.

So, to see the potential become actual, stay tuned….

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  1. Evelyn Carter

     /  November 21, 2010

    Where do you order mandrels from ?

  2. I get all my glass rods and mandrel etc. from Frantz Art Glass. They are very helpful with questions and their customer service is excellent.


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